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My dear friends,

I wrote a BOOK "Mo and the Aryans" (Bestseller in Germany)

Its about my journey confronting Racists face to face - and facing fear - and fight back. 

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Mo and the ARYANS
What does it feel like to come face-to-face with racism? 
Afro-German TV moderator Mo Asumang attempts a daring, unique personal experiment. Bravely and decisively, she seeks out those who preach xenophobia and hate: in fraternities; among 3 000 neo-Nazis at a public demonstration; on a white supremacist dating site. She also meets a star lawyer for far-right groups; neo-fascist esoterics; and even members of the Ku-Klux-Klan. She engages with those who hate her, and thus unmasks them. A searing look at the far right, and a gripping, courageous example of facing one’s own fears and fighting back.

Mo Asumang, born 1963 in Kassel as the daughter of a German and a Ghanaian, became the first Afro-German TV moderator in 1996 (Liebe Sünde). Since then she has been a television presenter, film-maker (Roots Germaniaand Die Arier, both nominated for a Grimme Prize), lecturer, and actress. In response to a death threat from a neo-Nazi band, she decided to confront racism face-to-face.

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The ARYANS - A Documentary by Mo Asumang - Poster 2013